Friday, November 18, 2005

Waltlington convert

Mr Cameron's support for more flexible licensing hours is perfectly reasonable. It is absurd that Pubs are currently forced to close at 2300. You can support more flexible licensing laws without supporting the Government's mish-mash of reforms, which are clearly unworkable.
It is churlish to attack Mr Cameron on this.
The truth is that after watching last night's Paxman, previous sceptics like me, are now convinced that David Cameron is the man for the job.
Last night, Mr Cameron showed charm, wit and intelligence to face down Mr Paxman. He clearly has the strength to be a good leader.
There is nothing wrong with re-thinking all policies after yet another diastrous election result. (Having said that, I disagree with him on tuition fees, as they clearly are a major discincentive to poorer students).
Contrast Mr Cameron last night to Mr Davis's woeful performance with Mr Paxman last week where he got entangled into argueing whether his tax policy was a pledge or a 'strategy'. Clearly absurd.
Mr Davis's overall performance has disappointed many of us who previously would have been his natural supporters. By contrast Mr Cameron has exceeded expectations.
I now realise that Mr Cameron has star quality and represents the 'zeitgist' for the times we live in.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Tributes to Watlington

"If you want to know whats happening at Westminster, Watlington is unmissable"
Social Affairs Unit (

"Watlington, the highly respected political commentator"

On Watlington:
"Tosh, absolute tosh"
Guido Fawkes

A floater confesses

Woke up this morning thinking that Mr Cameron was going to win, particularly after the weekend endorsements of William Hague and Liam Fox. That should be enough to swing over any doubting activists.

And yet and yet. David Davis has won the first hustings in Leicester and the Today programme Focus Group put Davis ahead of Cameron. There will still be twists and turns in this leadership contest yet.

As for me, I started off a Davis supporter, moved over to Liam Fox during the Parliamentary stages and have fluctuated between Davis and Cameron on a day by day basis since. It may be that members who haven't voted yet are still waiting for the hustings. Watlington certainly is. Roll on the London Hustings on 23 November.